Sailing Students Consider Molly Kurvink Of Guelph To Be The Strongest

Molly Kurvink lost her life when she fell into the freezing water of Guelph Lake when she had been ice-boating. Her husband, Harri Palm is still in the hospital. Inessa Townsend Fish comments, that they called them their sailing mom while reflecting on her relationship with her.

She states that Molly really loved and cared for all the people around her and always gave her heart to everybody. She meant a lot to them. Kurvink died while she and her husband had been ice boating on the Guelph Lake. The vessel went through ice and Molly went into the water. The couple had been rushed to the hospital and Molly had been declared dead later on.

Townsend-Fish along with Leo Arsenault, the member of the Guelph Community Boating Club remembers meeting her at the club when they had been young and had started sailing. Arsenault remembers being nervous when it came to sailing but Molly had been forceful with him. He said that he came back next back and had begun loving it. He also says that he had learned sailing under her apart from volunteering and working for her.

Whenever he felt upset, she would call him over and make a cup of coffee and then chat with him for some time. She used to talk to him and cheer him up. He says that she always knew how she could do it. Kurvink’s demise came as a shock to many who had known her and had some experience with her on the lake. She had been pretty adept at ice boating. Arsenault comments that the two of them had been over ice 1 week earlier and drilled it for checking the thickness of the ice.

Both Townsend-Fish and Arsenault says that there is no way that Palm and Kurvink had been on ice if they felt it wasn’t safe.