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  • Final Lap Of 34th America’s Cup

    So what was the update on the 34th America’s Cup final lap that concluded this weekend?

    All eyes had been on this World Series event that has been continuing for eight laps in different parts of the world and the final lap had been taking place this weekend in Japan. This final lap was much anticipated about among the six teams that remained in the fight.

    The first day was the day of practice with the teams taking to the waters on Friday. The first three teams were the main highlight of the event, but there was a new entrant as well, the Softball Team Japan who were thrilled to have been included in this World Series event. Indeed, Ben Ainslie and his team were the ones most fans were anticipatory about as the course that they had set in the previous rounds made it imperative that they win the cup. The Auld Mug as it is called, is a much wanted trophy for Britain as it has eluded them for quite some time now. (more…)