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  • Maiden U.S. Multihull Champion Is Marshack

    The very first U.S. Multihull Championship was won by Ken Marshack. The Hobie Alter trophy is his and he is delighted to have won a very good race on Carlyle Lake. There is no doubt that the catamaran sailing offers lots of thrills and spills and there was plenty of excitement that took place at the Carlyle Lake. The 2016 US Multihull Championship was hosted by the Carlyle Sailing Association and this was a fun filled week of racing for all the participants, organizers and the crowd.

    It was the first time that the championship was conducted in the Hobie 18 since 1988. The Hobie 18 North American Champion, Ken Marshack, was given a window of opportunity to race here and he grabbed it with both hands by winning the Hobie Alter trophy. He was in top form during the race and had an upper hand on all the other racers right from the beginning till the end. The six times Hobie 18 champion from North America was assisted by Valerie Pioszak. (more…)