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  • 32 Clubs Set For Sailing Champions League In St. Moritz

    The NRV (Norddeutscher Regatta Verein) is all geared up to face the high challenges of racing conditions to be held in St Petersburg to achieve victory in the SAILING Champions League 2018 of 24 team Semi-finals no 2. As far as the German club is concerned, it is a victory that’s repeating as the team won in Russia a year back. During the 4 days of sailing race, Navigator Sailing Team from Russia successfully achieved victory in 16 races which is quite an impressive figure of bullets. No one else has managed to stay even close to NRV as it has been consistent all throughout. It achieved 5 bullets and never did it score less than 5th in any of the sailing races.

    As per helmsman of NRV named Florian Haufe, they are happy for being qualified for the final race in St. Moritz and it included the overall victory in St Petersburg. Each maneuverer is taken into account today. The team did commit a few mistakes, but it was lesser compared to other teams. They managed to play their cards well and sailed successfully. Last year, the wind was felt from each quarter and the race course seemed different almost every day. However, this year the sailors experienced 4 days of westerly winds. It was a combination of both lighter and stronger winds. However, the summer conditions managed to draw huge crowds of spectators towards the bank of the river as they enjoyed the view of world class race in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

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  • Research Issues in Nursing

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