2017 Women’s Match Racing World Championship Led By Team Mac

The 2017 Women’s Match Racing World Championship held in Helsinki is witnessing exciting racing.

The 2010 Women’s Match Racing World Championship winner Lucy Macgregor has made herself proud by finishing the second day in the top position. The blustering conditions did not have an effect on Macgregor and her team. They put up a very good show and this pleased the team skipper Lucy to the core.

Macgregor looked tired and worn out after the race. She said that the day has been a long one and to end up in the top position at the end of the day is really satisfying. She said that the conditions were pretty tough in the waters and complimented her crew members for staying tight and putting up a very good performance in the testing conditions. Lucy said that the team is pretty tired. She was delighted that the team was able to put up a strong showing towards the end to end in the top position on the leaderboard.

The day 2 conditions were totally different from what the teams experienced on day one. The previous day was very bright and sunny with light winds. The day two started with cloud cover and cold winds. But, these winds were from a steady direction. The Principal Race Officer Annika Ekman said that they were very happy to have the Macgregor team taking part in the event. They were able to keep their marks in the right position despite being in the waters for long hours.

The British woman and her team were on the waters for nine of the 13 flights. There is very good communication between the Macgregor’s team and she has got some of the best natural sailors on board. Macgregor has also got a very good tactician in her team, Silja Frost, who is also a local sailing hero.