35th Series Of America’s Cup

New framework agreement has been formed for the America’s Cup, the 35th series that will start off in Bermuda waters in May of this year.

The skippers who are participating in the regatta were invited to London to go through the new terms and conditions. The framework has been designed thinking of the future of the regatta and to accommodate for continuity of the competition among different continents. It is considered one of the oldest trophy tournaments that see the high level of international sailing competition.

As per the America’s Cup authorities, the fact that the skippers have gotten together to look into the existing framework and propose changes for the tournament as a whole is a big step that sees their involvement much more than mere participants in the competition.

This is a novel effort being put in, which is being attempted after a time span of 165 years. In general, terms like costs for entering the race, boat building rules and others are fixed. Indeed, with such fixed guidelines many existing teams are able to build their boats in adherence to the rules which helps to maintain a level playing ground for the competitors.

The meeting to work on the new framework agreement was held at the House of Garrard in London. Here the team leaders and skippers of teams participating in the tournament gathered to reveal changes proposed in this agreement. The original framework had been crafted in the year 1848. The new framework edition will become applicable for the coming races in 2019 and 2021. Currently the 35th series is scheduled to take place which will be concluded by May or June of this year. The 36th cycle will then start. Both these series would not be covered by the new framework agreement terms. The terms will refer to competition format and protocols.